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Eye Makeup Looks

The world of celebrities is always abuzz with the latest fashion trends, beauty looks and styles. The stars set the bar for the next big thing that will take over the trend charts. Deciphering the makeup game of any celebrity can be a masterclass for those who seek to stay on top of the latest beauty trends.

Eye makeup can serve as one of the most striking ways to enhance one’s appearance. But the technique to create the perfect eyeliner flick, coats of mascara and a dash of glitter on the eyes can be a tricky task to ace.

From smokey kohl-rimmed eyes, shimmery eye shadow and natural eyebrows —minimal or bold, you can create a vision board with an exuberant and experimental eye makeup that celebrities were recently spotted wearing.

The flawless celebrity makeup spotted in public appearances and even on the glossy pages of magazines is rendered by savants with years of expertise. If you’re looking for some inspiration to pull together a covetable look for the next event on your social calendar, here’s a lowdown on looks you can do almost effortlessly!

Jump on the denim eye shadow trend

Apart from topping music charts, this quirky eye makeup seen on Dua Lipa is trendsetting on its own. Her washed denim eye makeup with a metallic shade of blue, topped with heavy black mascara and a touch of shimmer to finish off the look made for an effortless yet impactful look.

Cardi B also said yes to the denim shades complementing them with dramatic lashes, while Kendell Jenner brushed it on with a dusty effect for a more natural look. Case in point: There is enough room for experimentation for all beauty mavens.

Tips to ace the look: Sleek hair and a blushing shade on the lip are the finishing touches you should opt to balance the cool blue colour swept on your eyelid. This combination is perfect for a night out or a special occasion and is sure to turn heads.

Say ‘yes’ to star-inspired effortless glam

Dewy translucent makeup has transcended the winter season and is tuning in with the light-blush makeup of the summer season beautifully. Following suit, Zendaya was seen championing a second skin glimmer finish with a dash of bronzer on the lids.

Besides highlighting the high parts of your face, you can build the bronzer as an eyeshadow, using simply your fingertips.

Tips to ace the look: With a subtle and fresh approach to eye makeup, you can create a soft, luminous look even with shimmering or glittery eyeshadow, blending well and adding a touch of highlighter to the inner corners of the eyes.

If you are stepping out to spend long hours in the sun, look for a creamy finish eye shadow. Finish with mascara for a dreamy, ethereal look.

Bet on the sexy smoulder of smokey eyes

If you need cues for an after-dark event like cocktail parties, sangeet nights and reception soirees, Rashmika’ssmouldering smokey eyes will serve you the sought-after sassiness.

Build up kohl-rimmed eyes with dark eyeshadows slowly and step-by-step to avoid a last-minute woe.

Tips to ace the look: Black eyeliner smudged with a seamless effect is the perfect way to add depth and drama to your eyes. Perfect to dress up a bold look, you can also experiment with a pared-down look with nude matte lipstick and light contouring to balance out the look.

Recreate the supermodel style quotient of the 90s

Throwback to the usher of supermodels at the forefront of the fashion and beauty radar in the 90s era. Cooler hues like icy blue, pale grey, browns and taupes rendered with soft edges on the shadow are perfect to play to achieve effortless glam like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell back in the day.

Tips to ace the look: The key is to keep the skin effortless when experimenting with pastel iridescent and pale plums. Go for a light tonal shimmer shade added like a halo in the middle of the upper lid, skipping the eyeliner for that fresh 90s-inspired glow.

Rock the emo eye makeup in 2023

As nostalgia is hitting the right spots in the beauty game, the emo eye makeup that disappeared and made cameos only during Halloween was spun off by the Wednesday Addams star actor Jenna Ortega reinstating its covetable status.

She arrived at Saint Laurent’s Menswear Fashion Show with evened-out mascara on both the top and bottom lash line, unsmudged kohl liner on the waterline and bronzer, to add more dimension to the dark eyes.

Tips to ace the look: The musical genre’s eye makeup is perfect for parties and concerts. The perfection lies in simply smudging the dark eyeliner and shadow with clean fingers and finishing off with volumising mascara.

If you are looking to add a touch of glamour to your everyday routine or create a show-stopping look for a special occasion, take inspiration from the fashion choices of celebrities and adapt them to suit your own style.

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