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Festive Season

For the end of the year celebrations, it is essential to decorate your interior as well as your exterior to create a festive atmosphere. Of course, you would not want to have a bland and gloomy Christmas, decorations help brighten up your home. Whether it is garlands, figurines, lights, Christmas balls etc., these ornaments are numerous and vary according to the spaces to be decorated. Curtains, trees, balconies, facades, dining table and others, each corner and place of your home can have its own dedicated decoration. Shop for the best decoration items with Bloomingdale’s coupon and get your home decorated instantly.

Christmas Window Decoration

Stickers are always popular to easily decorate your window and appeal to children. They can easily be a part of your festive decoration and will enhance the appearance of your windows. What to wait before the big day! Get Christmas stickers with Bloomingdale’s coupon.

Christmas Table Decoration

To embellish your table and put it in Christmas colors, there is nothing like table decoration which will enhance the overall look of the place. You can buy little Christmas socks that will undoubtedly have their effect! You can put the cutlery there, or slip in small gifts for the children. To reinforce the spirit of this end of year party, these decorations will match wonderfully with a table set in the same theme. When shopping with Bloomingdale’s coupon, you can buy socks of very good quality that are soft to the touch. They are made of non-woven cotton which gives them a very pleasant feeling to the overall decoration.

Christmas tree Decoration

Your tree, decorated with light garland with clip-on candles, will look straight out of a Christmas story. The decorative candles with LED flames will be distributed all over the tree to make it look beautiful. The best thing is that these lights can be easily installed over the tree which means no hassle. They are mounted on clips so that they can be attached, straight, to the branches of your tree. Thanks to the LEDs that do not heat up, you can let these pretty high white candles light with peace of mind. The low-voltage transformer supplied with this garland is safe. You will get a power cable that allows to connect it without too much difficulty. Do you need more candles to light up your Christmas tree? No problem. With Bloomingdale’s coupon you can connect up to with 8 garlands together end to end on a single socket, to have a maximum of 160 candles on your tree.

Outdoor Christmas Decoration

Your exterior will definitely give the first impression. An easy-to-install light garland dedicated to outdoor lighting to complete your Christmas decoration is the best option to fancy your outdoor decoration.

Red Christmas Decoration

Red is the color of Christmas. With Bloomingdale’s coupon, you can shop for a practical red and white kit to dress up your Christmas tree. The kit will include balls of different sizes, a star to be placed on top of the tree along with all other accessories required to decorate the tree.

Disney Christmas Decoration

You can also decorate your place with Disney characters. Whether it is Christmas tree balls or other decorative items, this is certainly a customized theme that your kids will cherish for a long time.

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