Tue. Apr 16th, 2024

Fantasy enthusiasts, TikTokkers, YouTubers, InstaGrammers, and other creators have a new way to bring their characters and brands to life.

The world leader in photo, video, and augmented reality (AR) tech, Perfect365, has just released SoREAL AI, an exciting new addition to the Perfect365 suite.

SoREAL AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create realistically and artistically detailed avatars and photographic effects from users’ photos. SoREAL AI joins the Perfect365 app suite, a Webby Award-Winning go-to photo app and video platform for fans, celebrities, and fantasy enthusiasts around the world.

Sean Mao, President and CEO of Perfect365, Inc., likens the app to “having an AI genie in your hand.”

 or look.”

Long a staple among gamers, avatars are increasingly used in advertising, brand campaigns, and as influencers. Avatars have become so popular, respected publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Ad Age, Tech Wire, and Harvard Business Review, among others, have called them the face of the future.

Highly stylized, animated, or hyper-realistic, the choice is up to the user.

Using advanced face detection, digital graphing technology, and AI for the most accurate virtual effects, makeup, and feature placement possible, SoREAL AI features include:

  • AI Avatars—Astronaut, Future Fashion, Street Style, Warrior Princess, Female Cyborg, Hip Hop Cover, Gothic, Tattoo, International Supermodel, Dragon Mother, Retro, Jungle Adventure, Sci-fi, Male Cyborg, Lost Desert, Graffiti, Male Model, Knight, Warrior, Golden Armor, Beefcake and Noble.
  • AI Effects—magazine, cd cover, neon lights, love, movie posters, golden hour, popular trends ​
  • Filters​—popular, blush and AI-recommended options
  • Colors​—any color, any subject or background, white balance, saturation, vibrance
  • Details​—sharpen, fade, vintage, grainy​

Loved by celebrities and embedded in over 1 billion mobile smartphones today, the Perfect365 suite allows TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and other platform users to virtually “become” their favorite characters.

SoREAL AI is a free app available now on iOS and Android.

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