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Wedding Myths Debunked

If you hear about a wedding, the first thing that comes to mind is probably stress. Yes, planning a wedding is stressful and requires ample time to prepare everything. However, it is crucial to differentiate between the truth and myths. There are misconceptions surrounding the idea of weddings. Some myths are rooted in the old times, while others have come up because of societal changes. Knowing these myths and facts is crucial so that you don’t fear if you are planning to have a wedding.

  • A Wedding Must be Personal

Personalizing items in your wedding is a good idea for a unique wedding. However, it is not mandatory. Not everything at the wedding has to be unique. As long as the memories and experiences will be unique, the rest don’t matter. Furthermore, everything will be beautiful if your wedding is properly planned and executed.

  • It Takes More Than a Year to Plan a Wedding

Weddings need time to plan. However, it is not true that it takes such a long time. You can plan a wedding within three months if you have the proper budget, are focused and organized. All you need is to put your energy and mind into it, then have enough money to cater for everything. Therefore, how long it takes to plan a wedding depends on various factors.

  • You Must Wear the Same Bands for the Rest of Your Marriage Life

Part of planning a wedding is selecting the perfect rings. Unfortunately, not all the time you will make the right decision. That doesn’t mean you are stuck with rings you don’t like for the rest of the marriage. If you do not like the gold ring, you can switch to titanium wedding bands on your next anniversary.

  • It is Bad Luck to See Each Other Before the Wedding Ceremony

This is a common myth and is still practiced in many places. Many people believe that meeting before the wedding ceremony is bad luck. The truth is that marriage takes more than just luck. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with seeing each other before the ceremony.

  • A Wedding is Incomplete without a Cake and a White Gown

This is an old belief and something that was a must in the past. However, things have changed now. According to society, a wedding is complete if there is cake and a white wedding dress. Things have changed now. You can do a wedding without a white dress or a cake. You don’t have to do it in church or hold a huge ceremony. You have the freedom to go with the style you like and include personal elements based on your budget too.


Planning a wedding is a process that takes time, depending on factors like budget and availability. Therefore, make it less stressful by knowing the facts rather than believing in myths. Times have changed, and you don’t have to stick to the old ways of doing things. Plan something you will enjoy depending on your budget and the style you like.

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