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What is authenticity in the fashion business? That is actually a pretty difficult thing to answer outright, but we can say that it is vitally important. We can perhaps take an example. Plurawl are an ecommerce clothing brand out of New York; they supply Spanish prints and LatinX-themed clothing. This is representing a clear market that has been targeted for these products.Moreover, the reason that market has been successfully reached is because a certain authenticity has been offered. Not only can wearers identify with a group wearing the same items, but it is feels in some way authentic to their own experience.

If you are starting a clothing line through ecommerce, you don’t necessarily need to target a group so specifically, but that authenticity needs to be there. Consider those world-famous high fashion brands.Here there is something of a lack of authenticity (though not completely).But this is made up for by the sheer prestige of these brands, the celebrity endorsements and, it must be said, the hefty price tag.

Moving into the world of the ecommerce fashion, clothing items are typically much cheaper. But this is not a budget clothing service, there is a unique appeal that these products can have – and that’s authenticity. The example of Plurawl shows this in action, but it can take many forms. Wearing clothing with a highly identifiable, yet small brand, is one way of dressing authentically.In other words, the wearer stands out in a way that Nike wearers would not.

Defining Authenticity

So, having shown authenticity in action, what does it actually mean and what are the solid steps you can follow to properly plan for it? Authenticity is perhaps best described in relation to the brand. An authentic brand has a certain reputation for reliability, uniqueness, and ethics. The last is not strictly authenticity, but the vast majority of these brands recognize that sustainability – as well being a good in and of itself – is something to shout about in marketing. Those looking for authentic attire are attracted by this.

An authentic brand will also accurately reflect the values of the company, and those are values that the company will become associated with. When this happens, authenticity is here. Strong customer relationships are also a strong indication of authenticity. A phenomenon that exists across the fashion world, but which is particularly pronounced amongsmall ecommerce ventures. When customers have a relationship with a brand, they use it regularly and follow its progress.This is a clear sign that they identify with it in some way. That is authenticity.

Benefits of Ecommerce Fashion for Achieving Authenticity

We have already mentioned how authenticity can be fostered more easily be smaller brands. This is all to do with the uniqueness of them.Nevertheless, small brands can just as easily be uninteresting and unpopular – usually because they try to imitate other brands too much.

Ecommerce allows you to reach anyone in a very affordable way. The internet also puts you in touch with communities of geographically dispersed people who nevertheless share interests and communicate together. When a brand can be strongly identified by a community, this is a sure way to achieve authenticity, and it is something the massive global brands cannot really manage.

Authenticity in clothing is a very broad term.This is probably why it is so difficult to quickly define. However, the above should give a good idea of what authenticity looks like in clothing brands, as well as a clear idea of what it is you should be trying to capture – if you want to make your ecommerce fashion brand a success.

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