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If you are in your 30s, having a good sense of fashion is very important. This is a critical time when your career is taking off, you have more purchasing power, and you are probably looking forward to settling down. That means you need to make smarter and sophisticated choices when it comes to fashion. Many women in their 30s want to look glamourous, sophisticated, and fabulous, whether in the office or a girls’ night out. Check out these tips to help you look fashionable in your 30s.

Professional look

A professional look is relatively easy to achieve in your 30s. The first tried and true technique is to start with well-tailored fitting suits. Choosing neutral and classic colors is good if you don’t want them to appear outdated too soon. You can combine them with a few quality shirts and two well-made pairs of shoes.

Button-down shirts and colorful blouses come in handy to complement your suits. Classic pumps, heels, wedges, or flat shoes can work. Just remember that shoes for the office should be simple. Next, put together a few knee-length dresses to keep things interesting and accessorize with jewelry and silk scarfs. Most importantly, always ensure your office wear is clean and wrinkle-free.

Casual look

The best thing about casual fashion is that it has fewer rules than professional looks. But that doesn’t mean that all the fashion rules have gone outside the window. When shopping for casual wear, keep in mind that fit is everything. You can wear designer clothes, but they wouldn’t be noticeable if they are ill-fitting unless it is a trend.

You can create curves by combining ruffled shirts with pencil skirts or jeans from Miss Match. If you want to hide the tummy, look for trousers wider waistbands and pair them with a structured jacket. Make denim your friend since it looks good on women of all ages. When going out, accessorize bright colored bags, shiny earrings, and a pop of gloss to make your lips pop.

Evening look

Dinner and drinks with your friends call for an entirely different look. Sheer blouses and animal prints come in handy for putting together evening looks. Remember that evening looks are all about balancing sexiness and sophistication. At times less is more. With this, you are free to show off your cleavage and thighs with shoulder wide dresses and mini dresses.

When it comes to evening looks, you should try combining youthful pieces with your grown-up look to bring out the element of sexiness and elegance. Here you can accessorize with shiny jewelry as you want, a statement necklace, leather cuffs, and so forth. Be bold as you want.

Fashion dos and don’ts in your 30s


  • Avoid buying clothes that do not fit.
  • Don’t look up to teenagers for fashion tips.
  • Remember the essentials; comfortable walking shoes, jeans, sunglasses, etc.


  • Buy multipurpose pieces that you can wear for the office and a casual look.
  • Invest in well-fitting undergarments such as bras and panties.
  • Accessorize your looks.

Expand your fashion beyond basic blacks and comfortable standbys.

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