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Mullets have been a hot topic in my experience and we will see more of them in 2019. It begs the question: What kind of person is capable of pulling off a mullet? It takes confidence, and you have to be able to go fast. It’s not slow. The haircut can be done in less than five seconds. A mullet is a way to say “I’m here for business, but I also enjoy partying.”

Model’s story

Caleb, my dear friend, wore this particular mullet. Caleb and I have been friends for many years. This is not his first mullet. He has been my guinea-pig for many haircuts. He’s tried many styles over the years, including a short, side-swept style and one with a fade. But he has also tried longer styles like Jack from Sons of Anarchy.

Caleb was involved in the hard-core scene as well as the skating scene. These two groups lend themselves to being able to rock more edgy looks. I have always been fascinated by the looks you can pull off, and both the scenes are because they have a grungy and rough side.

It is important for barbers to understand the personality of the client before they sit down. If your client came in with a briefcase, and a suit, you wouldn’t recommend giving him a haircut that made him look like the drummer from Jesus Piece.

These are the questions to ask yourself if you think that the mullet is right for you:

  1. Are you a fan of going fast?
  2. How confident are you on a scale from 1-10? The mullet may be a good choice if you answered 100.
  3. Are you looking for a low-maintenance haircut because the long hair is out of your sight and out of your mind?
  4. Are you looking for a hairstyle that not only starts but finishes fights?
  5. Do you have the ability to respect every person you meet?

If you answered “hell yes” to any of these five questions, I would say that the party is about get started back.

What to ask your barber for this haircut

Mullets come with many options so it is important to determine how long you want your mullet to be. While we know that the back will be long, you’ll need to decide how long. Do we go conservative or full-on NASCAR?

You don’t have to style your hair if you don’t want to. Ask your barber to cut your hair very short. This will make your hair less stressful and your mullet will take care of itself.

How to style your mullet

Only one way to style your mullet is right. Once you reach 75 mph, your mullet will be in great shape. If you like a more greasy look, you can add a little pomade to your hair.

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