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 Let’s face it; fedora hats are the in thing in men’s fashion. They are a great way of complimenting your outfit and enhancing your looks. However, fedoras elicit a hot debate among fashion enthusiasts, and some people wonder how to style these fantastic accessories. If you’re seeking to buy fedoras, you’ll get a wide variety in the market. You’ll also get the best fit for your outfit. However, there are do’s and don’ts and many other things to know when wearing fedoras.

 What is a fedora?

 A fedora is a brim hat, usually 2-3 inches wide. It features an indented crown with a crease pinched on either side. The hat has been referred to the “rank Sinatra hat” “and was the focal point of men’s style in the 1960’s. In the past, it was made of fur, but you’ll get many fedoras made of wool. Many other materials are used to make fedoras, including cotton straw, leather, and synthetic blends. The shape includes basic features, and you’ll get them in different styles.

 Here are fedora tips every man should know:

1. The right size is key!

Some people think that the size and brim don’t matter, which isn’t true. Examine different fedora hats to determine what best suits you. The hat shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. To test this, place a finger between your head and the hat, and ensure there’s adequate space for your finger if the fedora is the right fit.

2. Choose the brim wisely.

 You’ll get fedora hats in different brim sizes; these are the large and short brims. Go for a short or wide brim, depending on the weather and facial features. A wide brim helps protect your face against the sun’s UV rays.  It also helps balance elongated features for thin-faced or egg-shaped men. Similarly, a small brim works well for anyone with large head size. It will make your head look bigger.

3. Choose weather-friendly materials.

 You’ll get fedoras in different materials. Think of where you’ll be wearing the hat and choose different designs for various occasions.  For summer seasons and beach tours, go for straw fedoras. Pick a material that’s easy to clean to ensure that your hat stays clean at all times.

4. Start simple& don’t be cheap

If you’re a beginner, you may have issues choosing the most suitable fedora. However, you can get the most out of your hat when you go for neutral color hues like beige, ivory, gray, or navy. Avoid bright patterns, pinstripes, or lots of embellishments.

Moreover, don’t forgo quality to choose cheap hats. This doesn’t mean that you spend a fortune on your purchases, but the quality is critical and comes at a price. Search from different online stores, and be willing to cough a few more dollars for quality pieces.

The bottom line

Fedoras make great fashion accessories for any man. They come in different designs and brim sizes and will make you stand out. To get the most out of your hat, choose unique colors to blend with your outfit. Also, order quality hats from legitimate stores and enjoy that stunning look.

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