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Yesterday I accompanied a client to the hairdresser with the idea of ​​making her go from a small square to a real short haircut.

As an image consultant, I had identified that short hair accompanied by a strand on the forehead would highlight her large eyes and energize the oval of her face.

This new hair style would stick with the more energetic turn we had decided to take in its image.

Yet I did not “order the hairdresser”, in this case Margaux, to achieve the cut I had in mind.

While I have a global vision of the look to obtain depending on the shape of my client’s face, her hair type and her entire appearance, Margaux, she will provide advice related to the nature of the hair and its implantation.

It is about figuring out what will go well, what is achievable and what is possible on a daily basis depending on the lifestyle.

I don’t hesitate to ask Margaux for confirmation when it comes to my cutting intuition. Two pro reviews are better than one.

If you use my image consultant service , I will advise you on the haircut (and possibly the color) to adopt.

If you are going solo, here are my tips to come out delighted at the hairdresser.


There are hairdressers with a rock style, others with a bourgeois style, avant-garde, natural …

And those who know how to do everything! (those who know how to listen and adapt to the personality of their customers).

the architecture of the hairdressing salon (plush, modern, neutral, roots, etc.)
the styles of haircuts made if images are available on the internet
In this case, the hairdresser I work with is a generalist. Architect’s salon and various hairstyles.

Finally, if you have black hair or a problem of alopecia, I advise you to contact specialists.

The same if you have special requirements (organic hairdressing salon, etc.).


The best is to ask a well-groomed friend to give you the contact of hers.

Bonus points if the friend in question has a hair type and / or a haircut similar to yours (or the one you are targeting). There are hairdressers especially strong in short haircuts for example.

Even if an excellent hairdresser is supposed to know how to do it all.

If you don’t have anyone to recommend a good hairdresser, trust the reviews on the internet.

reviews say the hairdresser listened to them
the opinions say that the hairdresser was force of proposal (and conclusive!)
and obviously if people are happy with the result!
As previously stated, you can see if the hairstylist uploads photos of their work.


However, if you have chosen your professional with steps 1 and 2, there is no reason for it to go wrong.

A good hairdresser won’t let you leave unsatisfied with his home and will offer touch-ups if, a week later, you cry in front of your mirror.

However, RELAX, you made a good choice and are now in the hands of an expert.

Based on your face shape, hair type, and current cut, he is able to determine what would look good on you.

Why not try to rely on him?

Ask your hairdresser which cut (or / and color) would make you look good! At best it convinces you, at worst, you will orient it towards the idea you had when coming.

Every good hairdresser has make-up talents that beg to be exploited. After all, he sees heads of all shapes and textures all day long. Who better than him to know which cut will go to which type of face?

By asking him this question, you recognize him as an expert which is extremely rewarding for him.

Establishing this relationship of trust will help her make the most of her creative skills.

If you stress the hairdresser by being suspicious and dictatorial, he will position himself as an executor under your orders… The best way to cut short any initiative and run for the failed haircut.

If you’ve left your hairstylist free to decide your hairstyle, it is very likely that before getting started, they’ll ask you some personal and technical questions to help them figure out which hairstyle is right for you:

A good hairdresser should be able to fully surround you in order to establish their own creative brief.

Brief it by keywords

You can put your hairdresser on the runway by sharing your desires. The ideal is to define your hairstyle in terms of keywords.

“I would like a short but feminine cut, with softness, I don’t want anything rigid”
“I would like to shorten to structure, so as to look more sophisticated, but I want to be able to tie my hair, what do you offer me? “

You can also bring one or more photos. In this case, rather than asking for “the hairstyle in the photo”, say that you would like something “with that in mind”, “if possible”. Ask him if he thinks you will be okay too. The hairdresser will then tell you the realistic expectations that you may have depending on your hair type and will offer you an alternative in the same vibe if the cut is not possible on you.

Do not hesitate to say what you like in the cut of the photo: “I like the combed-disheveled aspect”, “I find it pretty when it curls naturally”, “the color is vibrant, it farts “, Etc …

Nor to bring several photos of different people to create a moodboard.

Keep in mind that you are not the person in the photo . You are you with your hair nature and your face structure.

Nonetheless, it can be inspiring to look at photos of actresses with face shapes, skin tones, and ideally hair types similar to yours to find cuts / colors / materials that would look great on you.


Above all, do not turn into a mini dictator scrutinizing the slightest cut of the scissors.

However, nothing prevents you from keeping an eye on the good progress of the operations. When, the cut is finished, do not hesitate to share your sincere impressions:

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