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How to take care of your skin before marriage

Hydration, shine, mattness … Mathias Landier and Gaëtan Rolle, managers of Kiehl’s boutiques, give their advice to future brides to set up their beauty routine and have a perfect complexion on D-Day.
Is it necessary to go through the skin diagnosis box with a beauty professional to establish a treatment protocol?

At Kiehl’s , the skin diagnosis step is essential. We can determine the type of skin of each one thanks to simple and effective tools: the patches which capture the level of sebum and determine if the skin is dry, combination or oily as well as the “analysis” of dehydration which makes it possible to measure the level of sebum. water level deeper into the skin to release the level of hydration present. Making a skin diagnosis guarantees an objective response. Depending on this, a specific skincare routine is proposed.

How long before D-Day should you take care of your skin for optimal results?

The regeneration cycle of facial skin cells is 21 days. So you have to start worrying about your skin for optimal results at least a month before D-Day. This delay must be taken into account in case the skin has an allergic reaction. After a few days, the results on the skin are visible.

Which beauty routine to adopt?

It is necessary to set up a daily routine and a daily night routine. In the morning, it is essential to cleanse your skin with a tonic that will deeply purify and soften the skin, which prepares it for moisturizing treatments. After toning, use a serum that keeps water in the skin and optimizes the action of the moisturizer. Before applying makeup, it is important to hydrate your skin, which will also allow makeup to hold better throughout the day. Before going to bed, it is essential to remove make-up from the face with a cleansing milk and the eyes with a specific lotion so as not to cause irritation. The skin is much thinner around the eye area. Then, use a tonic to perfect this make-up removal in order to leave a clean and toned skin. Apply three drops of regenerating concentrate at night all over the face and apply pressure so as not to lose the effectiveness of the product. This will allow optimal hydration during the night. This is when cells renew themselves the most. Once a week, perform a scrub adapted to your skin type – coarse grains,

What lifestyle advice for the future bride?

It is important to eat a balanced diet. The skin is the reflection of a healthy life and a good diet. Eat a varied diet rich in vegetables and fruits, full of vitamins and antioxidants that help maintain beautiful skin. Sleep is also essential. Dark circles and a grayish complexion can be the consequences of a lack of sleep. Of course, practicing a sporting activity is important, because sweating is excellent for the radiance of the skin and allows to evacuate a maximum of toxins. Do not neglect a single skin cleansing and do not use new active ingredients or new products at the last minute, at the risk of causing the skin to react.

What rituals for the skin the day before and the morning of the wedding?

The day before, we clean our face well with its usual care. Then apply a refining, moisturizing or anti-aging serum according to your expectations and a moisturizing or repairing cream. A little moisturizing lip balm and a moisturizer for the hands.

A secret to share for an instant boost?

If you want an instant boost to the face, the scrub still works as it removes dead cells and part of the stratum corneum that may tend to gray the complexion. A quick five-minute hydrating mask then plumps up the tissues and smoothes out features, leaving skin soaked in water and therefore more plump. Using an eye contour in a thin layer in the morning revives the radiance of the eye contour, refreshes the eyes to avoid the famous fine lines of dehydration. If the eye contour is marked, prefer a treatment with anti-fatigue or draining active ingredients such as caffeine or vitamin C.

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