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Since the dawn of time, rings have represented power, supremacy, fidelity, and of course, social status.

Egyptians wore rings as a display of power. Most of the rings found in Egyptian tombs are signet and seal rings used to authenticate documents at the time. The Greeks wore their rings as pieces of decoration. And the Romans wore them as a status symbol.

Fast forward to today, and you’ll find that rings are part of modern fashion trends worn as an accessory to add a style quotient to one’s look. Rings, diamond rings specifically, are considered a symbol of love and commitment. And they are also a staple with people who want to display their social status.

In this blog, we shall share the most stylish cut diamond rings available and where to shop them at affordable prices online.

Round Cut Rings

The ever-so-beautiful round cut diamond rings are a coveted choice, and for a good reason. A round cut diamond has one of the most brilliant cuts, period. There is a reason why it is considered the most ideal diamond cut of all. The gemstone is cut to perfection with fifty-eight facets, giving it a uniform and symmetrical shape that allows it to shine brilliantly.

These rings make the perfect proposal ring if your partner loves a classic traditional ring with a brilliant sparkle.

Oval Cut Rings

The trendy oval diamond rings are a glamorous choice for many modern women. People love oval cuts because the diamond shape embellishes the wearer’s finger and gives the finger more length. It also does not have any sharp corners making the diamond more secure with less chances of chipping.

These rings are a great bet when buying your engagement ring and are also a stand-out choice with modern fashionistas looking for an alluring yet functional diamond ring.

Princess Cut Rings

The unique princess cut diamond rings are among the most sought-after choices when crafting an engagement ring. Known for their brilliance and unique geometrical shape, princess shaped diamonds are a popular fancy cut generally chosen as a center diamond on many modern proposal rings.

These rings are perfect for somebody looking for a unique, modern, and sparkly ring.

Carat Weight

Now that we’ve shared the stylish cuts available let’s talk about diamonds in terms of carats. A carat is a measure used to denote the weight of a diamond. One carat equals two hundred milligrams. A diamond is measured to the nearest hundredth of a carat, also referred to as a ‘point.’

1. Carat Rings

Beautifully crafted 1 carat diamond rings are a popular choice with brides worldwide. This carat size is the perfect balance of elegance and style while still catching the eye and being affordable.

2. Carat Rings

Elegantly designed 2 carat diamond rings are stunning. They have a brilliant sparkle and showcase the distinctive aesthetics of a diamond. This carat size is exceptionally beautiful and can also be bold depending on the diamond shape chosen.

3. Carat Rings

Desirable 3 carat diamond rings are a striking choice due to their sheer size and can sometimes be high priced depending on other factors such as their shape, cut, clarity, and color.

So, where would you find an affordable, sparkly ring with a stylish cut perfect for you?

We’d recommend Friendly Diamonds, an online jewelry portal dealing with eco-friendly lab diamonds based in New york. With over 2000+ designs, you can also create your ring by choosing your lab diamond, ring setting, and metal option, all at a budget-friendly affordable price.

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