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Facial treatments

For weeks, months or even years for some, you will be spending a lot of your free time planning what will be one of the happiest days of your life.

It is also the time to think a little about yourself and take care of yourself to be radiant on your big day.

Mask, scrub etc., find out which treatments to perform before the wedding day for beautiful and radiant skin.

Why care before marriage?

The first interest of preparing your skin before marriage is to improve the appearance of the skin.

The skin is smoother, sharper and the complexion more radiant.

Better reaction of the skin to stress

With the stress of the preparations, the skin can react by triggering a flare-up of pimples.

As the skin is in better condition, a rash will be smaller and less noticeable.

More natural makeup

Natural makeup is based on several factors including the quality of the products and the quantity of products used on the skin.

Indeed, the more material there is on the skin, the more the makeup will be obvious and therefore less natural.

Make-up carried out on healthy skin will therefore require less material and will make it possible to have an almost invisible complexion make-up .

As a professional makeup artist, I know how to use very little material for a very nice effect.

If, however, you are doing your wedding makeup on your own and using someone with less experience, having a good routine before the wedding day will be a real plus.

Better makeup hold

You may be wearing makeup in the morning and the celebrations will end late in the evening.

Photographed all day long, your makeup needs to be perfect for as long as possible.

You can of course use products that allow a longer hold, but if the makeup is applied to skin that you do not take care of, they will not be as effective.

A moment for yourself

Between the frenzy of preparations and an active life, future brides do not always take the time to breathe.

Devoting time to take care of yourself is a pleasure, a time to think only of yourself and take a step back.

Nothing better than a moment of relaxation to relieve the stress of the preparations.

Good habits

Taking care of your skin before marriage can become a routine, good habits are formed that may still be followed after marriage.

Taking care of your skin is not only useful for your marriage but also in the long term (less redness, less acne, slower aging of the skin, etc.).

When testing with my future brides, the first step is to diagnose their skin.

It is essential for me to know their skin type for example to know exactly which products I will use for the preparation of their skin, which makeup texture (eg: powder or cream) or even which brush or makeup application technique.

This diagnosis also allows me to offer a new routine if necessary to the future bride.

It happens very often that my brides do not use the right products for their skin’s needs.

It is also necessary to have suitable products available and to favor as much as possible natural products or with active ingredients in sufficient quantity for real effectiveness.

The steam will allow the pores of the skin to be opened before the rest of the treatment.

The treatments will thus be more effective because they will go more in depth.

You just need to put your face over a container of boiling water after covering your head with a towel.

The scrub allows the skin to be exfoliated, freeing it from dead skin and helping cells regenerate.

I generally recommend doing one scrub per week but for people with very dry, but not sensitive skin, a frequency of twice a week or less may be beneficial.

There are body scrubs.

Do not use your face scrub, your skin is not the same as your face and you could ruin yourself because you will need a certain amount.

Do you drink coffee? Coffee grounds are an excellent exfoliant for the body.

To make your lips soft for the big day and your lipstick to hold on better , it is possible to perform a lip scrub too.

Apply a fairly rich balm (eg: shea butter) to your lips then scrub using brown sugar or brown sugar.

Do not be too abrupt when doing this so as not to injure yourself and damage your lips.

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