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tips for taking care of your skin before marriage

To ensure a nickel complexion on D-Day, it is necessary to set up a daily “beauty” ritual one month in advance. The advice of makeup artist Angelina Bergese, for future brides.

5 pro tips for taking care of your skin before marriage

Because we all want to have beautiful skin on our wedding day , we asked make-up artist Angelina Bergese to tell us the right actions and products to use to ensure perfect skin on D-day. .

More than a month before the big day? The time has come to go to the beautician to benefit from a “peeling” or “grain scrub” type skin cleansing . It is a deep treatment to purify the pores , so it is important not to schedule it the week before the wedding, because it can bring out small pimples, redness, or even cause small temporary marks.

Take care of yourself before the wedding!

Exfoliation, facial treatment, manicure or hairdressing and make-up tests … Taking care of yourself is essential to de-stress before marriage, but also to prepare your skin. When to get a makeover? Advice and good addresses.

One week before the big day, it is advisable to do another treatment in a “lifting” or “moisturizing” effect institute (depending on the type of skin of each person) very gently. Again, it is better to avoid doing it 48 hours before going to the altar because you never know how the skin will react. A “radiance” effect that will nevertheless last until the desired time since cell renewal takes place approximately every three weeks.

Adopt fabric masks

At home, one week before the ceremony , apply a good “plumping” and “moisturizing” fabric mask every other day such as the DR JART Hydration Lover Rubber Mask or the FILORGA Hydra Filler Mask . Plan three masks in total, the last one can easily be applied the day before or in the morning of D-day.

Maintain a good daily routine

Obviously, in addition to the masks at home and treatments at the beautician, your best ally to have smooth, hydrated and plumped skin is your classic skincare routine – serum, water-based moisturizer, eye contour applied daily in the morning. and evening for surface action – the whole month before the ceremony. Also, don’t forget to remove your makeup well every night and cleanse your skin in the morning . A ritual that should also be applied throughout the year. Is your usual beauty routine right for you? In this case, this is not the time to test new creams that may lead to the appearance of redness, and in particular oils and creams that are too rich, which may clog your pores.

This is the big day ! By now your skin should be as radiant as you are! However, add patches for the eyes Рsometimes swollen due to stress or fatigue Рsuch as ERBORIAN Glow eye patch , FRESH moisturizing lip balm (for a soft and smooth mouth under your skin , if necessary) to your skincare ritual. lipstick), and apply a CLARINS Radiance  vial on your face for a naturally radiant complexion .

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