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A hat is one of the most attractive accessories in women’s fashion. You can accessorize your wardrobe with a hat and leave everyone’s eye on you, whether it is a casual or official casual look. Your hat choice can accentuate your clothing and bring a good twist to your overall look. It starts with a good hat selection, and the head’s shape matters a lot.

Oval faces may pull off a Fedora or other angular hat with a wider brim. Shorter-brimmed hats appear better on faces that are round or heart-shaped. As it sits snugly and molds the head, the head-hugging beanie can frame the features of someone with short or long hair better than a hat. Here are some tips for styling women’s hats.

A wide-brimmed hat

A wide-brim hat like the Fedora pulled over the forehead has become popular among celebrities, who frequently don one to elude cameras. Select a size that fits your head if you want to appear mysterious and conceal yourself behind the brim of a hat and a pair of dark glasses. Wear a smaller size that sits on the crown of the head if you plan to use the hat as an accessory.

A narrow brimmed hat

A narrow-brim hat is a perfect accessory to accessorize a casual look without catching too much attention. You can wear the hat with a summer dress or a skirt suit for an official look. It is a unique accessory in history that is making a comeback.

The woven hat

The woven hat is light and casual, typically made of straw or related plant fiber, and is the perfect accessory for warm weather. It looks best with a wedge heel and a summer dress, but you could also wear it with shorts, a chic white blouse, and loafers to complete your style. You can also wear it with a pair of jeans and a gorgeous top.

The beret

Contrary to common opinion, Berets are not just worn by military personnel and street performers. You can wear a beret with a sophisticated outfit, such as a suit and boots, for that extra touch of flair. Additionally, you can wear a beret with a pair of trousers and a trench coat to create a stunning and appropriate look, especially during the cold weather.

The beanie

A “Beanie” refers to a wool hat pulled over the head. Others fit the head precisely, while some are loose at the top or include pom-poms at the end. Today’s beanies are often designed to look attractive, fit snugly, and be warm and comfortable. Wear a beanie with a turtleneck sweater, jeans, and boots to remain warm in fashion during winter.

The last words

You can wear hats for functional or aesthetic reasons. For instance, you can wear one to conceal your bad hair day or protect your face and neck from the scorching sun. Alternatively, you can wear it as a fashion accessory to complete your look.

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