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Renting a Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses are not inexpensive. The price of a gown, which typically costs at least four figures (and sometimes more), seems even more outrageous when you consider that you will likely only wear it once in your lifetime.

If you would rather spend your wedding budget on your honeymoon than on an expensive gown, renting is a popular alternative that still allows you to wear a beautiful dress down the aisle. You and your partner must prioritise what is most important on your wedding day.

If you’re considering a rental wedding dress in Singapore, there are several important factors to consider. Shall we narrow down the decision-making process?

The Pros of Dress Rental

You’ll save money.

This is likely the most significant advantage of all. With the option to rent, previously unaffordable dresses suddenly become feasible. Because you are just renting the garment for one or two nights, you may be able to score a dress by your dream high-end designer that you could never otherwise buy. Often, renting a wedding gown reduces the price from four figures to three.

You might also be able to save money on accessories. Some wedding dress rental companies offer discounted packages that include a veil, shoes, and other accessories.

It doesn’t require preserving, storing, or dry cleaning.

Costs are associated with wedding dress preservation due to the effort required to prevent the delicate fabric from yellowing over time. But with a rental, you don’t have to worry about where you’ll store your dress after the wedding or how you’ll preserve it. Typically, rental companies include dry cleaning in their services.

A destination wedding will be free of problems.

This is a particularly convenient option for destination brides, as some Singapore bridal shops offer dress rentals. With this choice, there is no need to worry about packing or wrinkling your outfit, and there is no possibility of misplaced luggage, the worst-case scenario.

The Cons of Dress Rental

You might have fewer options.

If you seek a particular style or are a picky shopper, renting may not be the best option. Your fashion options may be limited, and specific dresses may be unavailable on your wedding day. Even if you find a gown you like, it may not be available in your size, and alterations are typically impossible.

And there is always the possibility that your dream wedding dress will look completely different when ordered online. Fortunately, most rental services allow you to try on dresses before committing to one, though this may incur an additional fee.

You are accountable for damages and costs.

Dress rental fees can quickly accumulate. You may have to pay more for shipping, insurance, and late penalties if you are late. You also run the danger of having to pay for any damages. On your wedding day, your wedding dress may endure everything from wine spills and lipstick stains to ripped hems and busted seams. Insurance usually covers minor faults, but brides are typically liable for the cost of the dress in the event of substantial damage.

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