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patterned socks

Yes! They add a touch of novelty to your fashion statement. Everybody goes gaga around these pair of wonderfully patterned socks. They go everywhere, on every occasion, or at least this is what Doofy had thought before his funny faux pas. Having a Sock Subscription box is good, but this does not mean you have to wear them everywhere. Thus, to make sure that you do not turn into another Doofy, we put before you a brief guide about patterned socks.

When should you wear patterned socks!

The market these days is rising all colorful from the various varieties of socks around. And above it, a sock subscription box is being no less some heaven to people. If you have no idea of what a sock subscription box is, then know that it is a sort of subscription that you make for sock companies for the desired time. These companies then send you classy and colorful socks at a lower rate for the time and space you have chosen Check Sock of the month club from Philosockphy, USA, for a basic idea.

Patterned socks are in trend. And why not? There are companies around providing all the fancy patterns for people to wear and put a statement out there. But sometimes these statements do not fit well on some occasions.

Crew-Length socks fit best for the patterns. Because they have a leg and cuff that stays visible to the people around, these socks get preferred. But here are a few tips to follow.

  • Look out for the pattern. If the pattern has pop colors and patterns, try avoiding them on suits. These two just do not go.
  • Many say that patterned socks do not go over suits. But this is a grey area. If the pattern spills a sense of minimalism and the color is bold, you can wear them on those formal suits.
  • Funky patterns go well on shorts. If you want to make your socks stand out in your ensemble, choose a contrasting color. If you want it to blend with your overall outfit, choose an analogous color form.

When not to wear patterned socks.

If you have a sock subscription box, chances are that you have got too many varieties at your hand (or feet?). But know that you should not be wearing them everywhere. There are things to take care of while wearing these patterned socks.

  • There are occasions when a solemn outfit gets preferred. For example, you would never want to go to a funeral with colors in your outfit. People expect you to be minimal on these occasions.
  • Avoid wearing them on sturdy boots. Boots, usually, speak bold, and adding colors and patterns to them sort of neutralizes their very purpose. If you wish, you can try minimal patterns on ankle length boots. Some patterns go well with Jodhpur boots.

Apart from it, there is not very much you have to take care of. Fashion demands experiments always. There is no fix rule around when to wear it and when to not. Cloths, after all, are there to enliven our lives and make us feel happy.

If you love wearing lots of socks, then we suggest you check out this Sock of the month club from Philosockphy, USA. They provide some classy sock subscription boxes. Check them out and level up your fashion game.

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