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It is obvious that with confinement, our clothing habits have changed. Cool and cozy outfits are ours: sweat shirts, leggings, sweatshirts, big pullovers, big socks and stuffed slippers have become our best cozy allies. However, this need to feel comfortable in our daily life should not translate into a neglected look. So how do you combine easy wear with femininity? Where can you find pretty, comfortable and stylish outfits? This is what we are going to discover in this special home wear post.

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Have you noticed the evolution of our habits in recent months? Whether it is in the way we consume, envision our future, work, but more! Many weeks of confinement got the better of our beauty routine and our dress style and also buy waffle towels on my Amour Linen. Less make-up, more comfortable outfits for teleworking, going shopping or lounging on the sofa watching a Netflix series. Even our pretty panties remained in our dresser drawer. So much so that the “no bra” movement exploded during and after confinement. A wind of freedom is blowing through women’s wardrobes!

All these upheavals have encouraged brands to bounce back by offering us collections adapted to this new, more relaxed and even cocooning lifestyle. No need to go shopping in a homewear brand, it is possible to find comfortable and stylish outfits on the shelves of all our favorite stores. They have more and more followers of which I am part!

But no question of wearing an old, distorted jogging pants and an old jumper all pilled. It is possible to stay stylish with a casual outfit. Do you doubt it? Here is my trendy selection of style and comfort to feel comfortable with an easywear look.

Whether for “chilling” or working from home, jogging bottoms worn with a sweatshirt or tunic are the ideal pieces to feel comfortable. The materials, cotton and modal, are pleasant and stretchy. No buttons or zippers that compress the stomach, everything is designed for comfort.

The advantage? It is possible to leave home without having to change. Especially since jogging is more trendy than ever. Considered a full-fledged part of our dressing room, it can now be worn for the office by accessorizing it with moccasins under an oversize coat. Are you a member?

At the Oysho brand, home wear is king. For a street wear look, the flared khaki jogging suit with hoodie is ideal. If you prefer to go for a chic and casual look in jogging, opt for this white ensemble with crew neck sweatshirt and jogging bottoms in pleated trouser style.

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