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polarized sunglasses

Wearing a pair of sunglasses regularly is one of the best ways to ensure healthy vision. While regular sunglasses have their pros and cons, polarized sunglasses are arguably better. These glasses are essential to reduce glare and protect your eyes from the harms of ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, these glasses offer better clarity, superior color vision, and a wide range of advantages that make them the default choice of customers worldwide.

Polarization is a process where the rays of light are filtered such that only those rays that are parallel to the filter are allowed to pass through. Sunlight comprises rays that travel and reflect at different angles. Using a polarized lens puts a filter between your eyes and these rays, allowing only a selected type of rays to enter your eyes. This is how these glasses reduce the glare that typically results from odd reflective angles of sun rays. The information below takes a closer look at some of the biggest advantages of wearing polarized sunglasses.

Reduced Glare

One of the reasons why polarized lenses are so popular is because they are anti-glare. Compared to regular lenses, polarized lenses can reduce the glare and reflections due to harsh sunlight over various surfaces. Since only a fraction of the total rays of the sun is allowed to pass through the polarizing filter, your eyes do not have to bear the adverse effects of glare.

The anti-glare property of these sunglasses is particularly useful for people who spend most of their day in the sun, for example, professional drivers, long-haul truckers, fishermen, sailors, kayakers, and more. The superior lenses filter out the sunlight and protect from the often-dangerous glare due to reflections from surfaces like water, glass, and more.

Protection Against Ultraviolet Radiation

Sunglasses with polarized lenses offer superior protection against UV radiation. UV or ultraviolet radiation forms a major portion of the sunlight and while it has its benefits when it comes to replenishing your Vitamin D, it is not so beneficial for your eyes. The natural lens of our eye is very sensitive and can acquire permanent damage due to the adverse effects of UV radiation. Most polarized glasses offer options for special UV treatment, which eliminates the possibility of UV radiation-related damage to your eyes.

Reduced Eye Fatigue

Polarized lenses allow you to see the world with minimal eye fatigue. Due to glare and reflections from different surfaces in everyday life, we often have to strain our eyes to view things clearly. While a small amount of strain might be considered normal, odd reflections and glare increase the work of seeing things clearly and put extra, unnecessary strain on the intraocular muscles (muscles located inside your eyes), allowing you to have a healthier vision for longer.

Improved Color Vision & Clarity

Polarized lenses offer a sharper view of the world and vibrant colors, allowing you to see nature in all its colorful glory. Normally air pollutants and particulate matter can make your vision hazy and cast a dim shadow that makes for a rather unpleasant experience. Polarized sunglasses stop odd reflections and allow you to view the world with richer colors, better contrast, and improved saturation.


Reduced glare, improved color vision, decreased eye fatigue, and protection against UV radiation are some of the biggest advantages of sunglasses with polarized lenses. When compared to regular sunglasses, polarized lenses truly change the way you see the world through your eyes.

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