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You’ll need to be comfortable and practical when renting a boat, regardless of whether you are fishing or partying. We don’t think you are wrong if you assume that a day on the boat will require a simple bathing suit with messy hair.

You can still look stylish and practical while going on a boat trip. While you won’t be able to wear your favorite formal suit or dress on a boat trip, there are some ways that you can show off your style and look like a true skipper or expert in boating.

Continue reading if you are looking for some fun offshore adventures but don’t know how to dress. These are some boating outfit ideas that will impress everyone.

Women’s Boat Fashion

You will need a boating outfit for your next adventure, other than your sunblock and bathing suit. These tips will help you choose the right bathing suit.

1. T-Shirt Dress Cover Up

A t-shirt dress, a more recent style, is stylish and comfortable. A t-shirt dress can be worn over a bathing suit to maintain the style but also allows you to use your practical side. A white t-shirt is a great choice for the boat.

Your outfit will stand out against the blue water. A button-up tee-shirt dress will elevate the sophistication of your look.

2. Flowy Sundress

Sundresses can be a great choice for summer. They are stylish and will keep you cool in the summer heat. Sundresses can also be used as cover-ups for bathing suits to wear on the watercraft.

Sundresses can also be longer than a tee-shirt dress. If you prefer to show less while covered up, a flowing sundress may be the best choice. Sundresses come in many colors and patterns so it shouldn’t be difficult to find one that matches well with your boat.

Sundresses in natural colors and sealife patterns are best!

3. Sun Shades and Sun Hat

Protect yourself from the sun if you spend the day on open water on a boat. Sunblock should always be your first line of defense. A sun hat, sunshades and sun glasses should be your next.

If you are unable to open your eyes and see, it won’t be very enjoyable. You’ll feel even more powerful when you’re in the middle of the ocean. Make sure to get stylish sunglasses and a sun hat to match.

Sun hats come in a variety of sizes. You have the option to choose how big or small you want. For a stylish look, we recommend pairing your sun hat and oval-shaped sunglasses.

4. Non-Slip Sandals

Slip-resistant sandals will be a must for anyone spending the day on a boat. While fashion is important, don’t compromise your safety by wearing ordinary sandals. Things will get wet when you travel via-boat.

Fishing is a planned activity so be prepared for wetter, sometimes slimier floors. Make sure you do your research to find the right pair of boating sandals. There are many options, so you’re certain to find something trendy!

Boat Fashion for Men

While planning a boating outfit, swim trunks aren’t the only thing men need. You can have a great day fishing, or partying and relaxing in style. Here are the facts.

1. Cap Captain Snapback

A captain snapback cap is essential if you are the captain of the boat or a captain in training. This cap will keep you cool and stylish while impressing anyone who sees it.

For your convenience, find a cap that has adjustable straps. It’s not a good idea to wear a hat that is too tight or loose all day. Mesh back caps are light and cool.

2. Nylon Long Sleeve Shirt

Another great clothing item for boating is a nylon long-sleeve shirt. The long-sleeve shirt will protect you from the sun and high winds. These are essential for anyone who plans to spend the day on the water at high speed, but they also look great.

They are also soft and cool for extra comfort.

3. Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts make a great pairing with a long-sleeved nylon shirt. Bermuda shorts can be worn on boats and are stylish but also practical.

We recommend choosing a white or offwhite color.

4. Non-Slip Booting Shoes

Non-slip boating footwear is essential. You have many options depending on how you want to spend your day. There are a variety of options available, from non-slip flip flops and boating shoes to choose from.

Find out what to wear on a boat for your next adventure!

These tips will help you plan your next boating adventure.

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