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Rubber Watch Straps

Rubber watch straps gained popularity in the 1960s and were popular among divers due to their sturdy nature and great water resistance, which made them a popular choice. Natural rubber watch straps used to be extremely sticky, unbreathable, and prone to cracking. They were not even considered the most fashionable watch accessories. But things have changed since then.

Because of considerable improvements in manufacturing technology, there is already a vast selection of high-performance natural and synthetic rubber watch straps available to choose from. Moving ahead, we’ll take a look at a few of the attributes, features of the iwc rubber strap.

Types of Rubber for Watch Straps:

Rubber watch straps come in a variety of colors and textures.  Let’s have a look at various types of rubber for watch straps:

Natural Rubber

Natural rubber is inexpensive and stretchy by nature. Due to this nature, it can be bent into any position without having to worry about it changing its shape. However, it does have several flaws that need to be addressed.

Silicone Rubber

Unlike natural rubber, silicon is water, heat, and light-resistant and can tolerate any sort of deformation. However, it is not oil-resistant, making it unsuitable for oily conditions and unsuitable for skin that produces a lot of natural oils.

P.U. Rubber

Rubber and plastics are combined to create PU rubber, a hybrid material that combines the perfect blend. It is soft as rubber, yet as hard as plastic. Despite its roughness, it is quite robust and practical. They are reported to be less pleasant than natural rubber because of their durability and functionality.

FKM Rubber

Fluro-Elastomer is referred to as FKM in short. Rubber straps made from this type of rubber have a better level of durability. This rubber is not only waterproof, but also UV resistant, and less allergen-inducing than a metal bracelet.

Features of Rubber Straps

The performance, comfort, and longevity of straps are determined by a variety of parameters like the sort of rubber used, the composition of the rubber, the amount of time it is used, and the exposure to the environment. Some of the features of the iwc rubber strap are:

Rubber straps offer unique qualities that make them great bracelets for fine clocks. Steel or gold watch bands weigh a lot more than these. Not only are they resistant in both freshwater and saltwater, but they also feel lighter when worn in water, making them the ideal complement to a diver or marine timepiece.

They are flexible and UV-resistant, and they do not rust. They are washable and are non-toxic, and non-allergenic.

They can be customized such that they are simple to fit and tighten, compatible, and thus can be carried by men and women of all wrist sizes.

They are a highly durable and cost-effective alternative to steel and gold bands.

Rubber that has been vulcanized can be shaped into a variety of gorgeous designs making it more fashionable.

Due to the above-mentioned features, rubber watch straps are incredibly popular because of their convenience, comfort, reliability, and longevity.

Is it necessary to have a rubber watch strap?

A rubber watch strap will not get you as many fashion points as a leather one, but it will do the job. Because of its water resistance, it is perfect for sports watches. It’s also soft and flexible.

Affordable: Rubber is inexpensive. Because it’s grown in such large quantities in locations like India and Indonesia, it’s quite inexpensive, to begin with along with being highly durable. It will last a long time with just one strap.

Washable: Rubber bands are dirt and water repellent hence a great alternative to metal and nylon straps.

Water- Resistant: Iwc rubber straps are waterproof, making them the perfect solution for rainy conditions. Unsurprisingly, they’re one of the most popular options among divers. Nowadays, every reputable dive watchmaker will always have rubber strap alternatives in their collection.

Rubber Straps Styles:


Tropic was considered a popular dive site for both recreational as well as professional divers back in the 1960s. These straps are usually available in two different designs. The first featured a “basket-weave” texture with little perforations. It had a flat, non-embossed leather texture with huge holes along the strap, which became smaller towards the buckle. Thelatter is preferred because of its vintage look.

When it comes to the Tropic strap, the replacement of vulcanized rubber provides a tangible reminder of the past era, without the pain of the plastic substance.


This style was first launched in 1967 for diving watches. An embossed texture that recalls waffle iron adds a touch of toughness and sporty appeal to your wrist. After its original appearance in Japan, the strap became a popular alternative to the tropical.

Curved End

The most popular rubber strap comes in a form that only fits the curved end of watch lugs. The objective is to make a seamless transition between the case and the strap using the material itself. Currently,  the most commonly used type of strap in watch production is the rubber straps because of their clean integration, calling emphasis to the watch-head and durability.

Final Thoughts

As with all watch accessories, choosing between different styles of watch straps entails a variety of factors. Various styles, sizes, colors, and designs are available for rubber watch straps in various pricing ranges.Either natural NBR rubber or synthetic polymer rubber, your selection of strap will reflect how you want to use it and your preferences.

Despite previous criticism, the rubber watch strap has earned its place on the table. In addition to its dominance in the diving and sports field, it is also becoming a premium watch accessory. Iwc rubber strap can range in price from a few dollars to several hundred dollars, depending on the favorable brand recognition. With its practicality, security, comfort, and durability, it is no surprise that many exotic watch companies are now integrating rubber straps into their inventory.

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