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Diamond and Moissanite have visually the same characteristics. People usually have difficulty distinguishing this gem from diamonds. Even experts are having a hard time distinguishing these two from each other. Can you differentiate them by only looking at them? The answer is a resounding no.

These two are indistinguishable from each other if you don’t use special tools. Experts are able to create better quality stones with the help of modern advancements in technology. One of the most natural Moissanite available in the market is the Supernova – because of its unique qualities.

It has no fluorescence and does not show the undesired blue tint that can be seen in most of these stones. These qualities make this thing look like a high-quality and find a diamond alternative. While the tests listed below can provide a good indication of whether a particular gemstone is a diamond or a Moissanite, they are not 100% reliable. The big question is, “How can people differentiate the two?”

There are a couple of indicators people can look for if they want to tell the difference between a diamond and this gem. Individuals will need specialized tools like a JFIRE tester or a jeweler’s loupe to see some of its features.

What is a jeweler’s loupe? Check out this site for more information.

Double refraction

One of the most effective ways to tell this stone apart from diamonds is to use a jeweler’s loupe to look through the crown or the top of the gemstone at a certain angle. People will see slightly-blurred lines that will indicate the usual double refraction.

Moissanites from Diamonds

It is a very common quality of this stone. Double refraction is a lot easier to distinguish in some shapes. For instance, even an experienced and skilled jeweler with a quality loupe would find it hard to see double refractions in Emerald cuts. Supernova cuts have been perfected to minimize double refractions, but it still maintains the brilliance of this gemstone. That is why it is starting to become increasingly harder to distinguish from real diamonds.


This stone is not as dense compared to its diamond counterpart. It means it will weigh less compared to diamonds of the same size. To avoid getting confused, the carat weight of this stone is always listed by its diamond counterpart’s carat weight. So people can weigh both stones of the same size, and if one weighs less than the other, there is a good chance that it is the Moissanite.

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But the difference in weight is pretty subtle, and diamonds could be cut deeper or shallower, so it is hard to use this technique to identify this stone. Furthermore, people can only use weight as an indication of whether it is one or the other when the gem has not been set. After the rock has been established, it is hard or almost impossible to notice the weight difference. 

Polished girdle

The girdle of this stone can be polished. Polished girdles can be a good indicator of the gemstone. But it is becoming pretty common to find these jewels with faceted girdles. It should only be used as a good indication of whether the gem is a diamond or a Moissanite.

JFIRE testers

This gemstone has higher refractive qualities compared to its counterpart. It causes more light to disperse. It is what gives this gem its signature brilliance and fire. This type of tester can provide an indication of whether the gemstone is a diamond or Moissanite. It needs people to have access to JFIRE testers and decent-sized Moissanite earring studs to be unset.

That is why the test can’t be performed on finishing pieces. There’s no definite way to distinguish these gems from one another. They are hard to distinguish from the naked eye, even with the help of a jeweler’s loupe. This gemstone is one of the best alternatives to diamonds. It offers unrivaled class, incredible value, and, most importantly, real beauty.

Diamond and Moissanite testers

These testers work on the principle that various gemstones conduct heat differently. It measures the rate at which heat passes through the gem to find out whether it is Moissanite or not. These testers use electrical conductivity to identify the gem based on its electrical properties.

It was developed to differentiate the two gems from each other. While it can serve as an excellent indication of the gemstone, these things have been known to show inconsistent results and are not 100% reliable. It is also sometimes pretty hard to test smaller stones.

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